We add fluency to your import and export steps with our road customs clearance process.

What is Road Customs Clearance?

Road customs clearance covers the customs clearance of export and import activities carried out using road transport. In order to carry out international road transport, it is necessary to comply with the customs clearance procedures. Road customs clearance can be summarized as checking whether the goods to be exported or imported by road comply with the customs rules of the relevant country and obtaining the necessary permits.

Road Customs Clearance Procedures

Transactions carried out for goods that are not in free circulation during the road customs clearance process within the Conditional Exemption Regulation:

  • Transit operations,
  • Warehouse solutions,
  • Internal processing,
  • Customs controlled processing,
  • Temporary processing.

There are certain customs clearance procedures carried out within the Export Regime. These:

  • Re-export transactions,
  • Returned goods transactions.

Some activities may be autonomous in the Road Customs Clearance process:

  • Import of diplomatic goods with special status,
  • Fast shipping and postal service,
  • Import of motorized or non-motorized transport vehicles of persons residing in Turkey,
  • Household goods used by persons whose residence is determined as Turkey,
  • Imports of scientific, educational or cultural goods and scientific instruments and devices,
  • Import of instruments and devices used for medical treatment, research or diagnosis,
  • Import of capital goods and materials in free circulation status within the scope of workplace transfer,
  • Certification and incentive applications within the scope of investment incentive legislation,
  • Project management and feasibility applications.

Opportunities We Offer in Highway Customs Clearance

  • General and private warehouse activities,
  • In-processing regime,
  • Processing under customs control,
  • Temporary import,
  • External processing.
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