AB CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY; takes the necessary precautions and takes the necessary precautions, as well as the safety and health of its employees within its area of responsibility and the other guests it hosts, as well as the safety of its tools and equipment. For this, within the framework of the provisions of the legal legislation, it constantly receives the necessary training under the supervision of expert consultants for maximum occupational safety and health and follows the innovations. The aim is occupational safety and human health. For this;

  • Programs to transfer innovations related to regular training and occupational safety,
  • Controls of compliance with legal regulations and regulations,
  • The use of clothing, tools, equipment and equipment related to occupational health and safety and following the innovations in this regard,
  • Creating a safe and peaceful work environment with training programs and practices,
  • Keeping the possible occupational accidents at minimum levels by making the necessary risk analyzes related to occupational health and safety,
  • Organizing various activities and organizations in order to keep the motivation and attention of the employees at the maximum level,

attaches utmost importance to its activities and sees it as the basic principles and principles.



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