The creation of documents required for import and export customs clearance turns into an opportunity with our knowledge.

What is Certification?

Certification is of great importance and obligation in obtaining the necessary permits in customs clearance procedures. Under the name of the certification service, documents such as ATR Certificate, Export Certificate, Import Certificate, CE Certificate, internal processing permission certificate are prepared and transmitted to the relevant institutions and organizations. Customs clearance documents, MSDS procedures, End-User Certificate, İŞGÜM Import Permit, TÜRKAK Certification procedures are also included in this service.

Our Main Certification, Permits and Services

ATR Certificate

ATR Movement Certificate is a document that ensures the implementation of customs exemption in the export of goods in the category of free movement within the scope of the Customs Union agreement signed between Turkey and European countries. This document must be created by the exporting company.

Export Certificate

It is a document that determines the compliance of the goods to be exported with customs legislation.

Import Certificate

It is a necessary application for the import of critical materials that have autonomy by the export country made with the application of the Ministry of Economy.

İŞGÜM Import Permit

İŞGÜM (Occupational Health and Safety Research and Development Institute)It is a permit obtained from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security for the use of certain materials that may be harmful to occupational health and safety.

Customs Clearance Documents

Internal Processing Permit Certificate

With the Internal Processing Permit Certificate, VAT exemptions are used in the domestic purchase of raw materials. At the same time, necessary customs duties, VAT and KKDF Fund discounts or exemptions for importing raw materials can be created within the scope of the Internal Processing Permit Document.

External Processing Permit Certificate

This document is obtained in order to apply Customs Duty and VAT exemption for imports to products that will be sent by companies to abroad and free zones for processing at more economical costs.

CE Certificate (Conformite European)

It is a document that ensures the free movement of products within the borders of the European Union. With the agreement that started on January 1, 2004, it has also become mandatory in Turkey’s domestic market. With this document, the importing companies indicate that the imported products comply with the European Union rules.

MSDS Transactions (Material Safety Data Sheets)

In line with the regulation numbered 27092, which was published in the Official Gazette on December 26, 2008, companies that import, produce or use Material Safety Data Sheets are required to have certain information in order not to pose a danger to the environment when using or storing the relevant chemicals.

End-User Certificate

It is a document that must be approved by the official institution, in which the companies or individuals exporting the product promise that they will not share those products with third parties without the consent of the seller.

TÜRKAK Certification Procedures

Companies must obtain approval from TÜRKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency) in order for the documents of the goods to be imported to be valid within the borders of Turkey.

Investment Incentive Certificate

It is an obligatory document for companies that have completed a certain amount of investment in order to be able to serve in international regions supported and determined by the state with superior technological systems.

Used Machinery Import Permit

With the Special Import Permit of the Ministry of Economics, manufacturers can import old, used and refurbished machinery and equipment to be used in manufacturing processes.

Inspection Certificate

The Ministry of Economy carries out an impression with a Surveillance Certificate in terms of not importing goods in the amount or amount that will adversely affect the domestic producers in the domestic market.

Import and Export Transactions of Pharmaceuticals and Raw Materials

  • Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Import Permit,
  • Import Feedback and Control of Finished Transactions,
  • Obtaining Production Site Permit,
  • Creation of Control Document and application tracking,
  • Export file creation and application process tracking,
  • Controlled Substance Import Transactions.

Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Services

  • Declaration of compliance with WEEE,
  • Battery and accumulator import processes,
  • Necessary procedures for Solid Fuel Import,
  • Metal Scrap Import,
  • OTIM (Substance that Depletes the Ozone Layer) processes.

Permission of the Ministry of Interior and General Directorate of Security

Necessary permits must be obtained for the import of penknifes, harpoons, knives, telescopes, etc., which may cause harm to the environment.

Ministry of Customs and Trade & Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Transactions

  • Obtaining Exemption Certificate,
  • Packaging and label inspection procedures,
  • Market surveillance and preparation service,
  • Warranty Certificate creation procedures.
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